Photo Concept Design Strategy

Throughout 2017 Mecs has been working to increase visibility and reinforce GARO’s unique innovative power in a technology-driven and competitive market. How? Through a new brand strategy and communication concept that ensures strategic goals and supports growth. A concept we call Futuresmart.



Concept Film Design Webb

With new business goals in sight, Mecs was hired as a strategic and creative partner to help elevate Trioplast’s brand and communication to be perceived as a modern player with unified message and visual expression. We created WE ARE THERE.



A long and integrated collaboration since 2011. The objectives are for the communication to support the strong growth that NIBE currently facing nationally and internationally. During 2014-2015 NIBE outsourced their marketing to Mecs to develop and ensure the concept "Energy for life"


Länsförsäkringar fastighetsförmedling

How does one become Sweden’s fastest growing real-estate agency? That and more is what the concept “Vinnarskallar” is about. Since 2001 Mecs has been a part of LFF and their constant progress, from 5 to 159 branches.



The county government in Halmstad gave Mecs the mission to develop a campaign that brings attention, informs and teaches the meaning of VMA, so that even a fifth grader would be interested.


Gerdmans Inredningar

Mecs mission was to develop a new branding strategy and communication platform for Gerdmans inredningar. The purpose to clarify and strengthen Gerdmans as a brand, and take the step from being a mail order company to become a strong player on the digital market.