Energy for life

NIBE Energy Systems are market leaders in Europe and North America in domestic heating products, and one of Europe’s largest manufactures of products for indoor climate and comfort. NIBE is represented on more than 50 markets around the world.

Mecs mission was to enhance and clarify NIBE's values, level of innovation and sustainability through a new branding platform and communication strategy. 

With the strong concept Energy for Life NIBE’s objectives were ensured – to offer the markets best products with the least amount of environmental impact – and for the communication to be uniform no matter the platform. The concept is adapted to the target groups and markets, and  works as a tool to simplify integration into new and developing markets to effectively reach their target groups and in turn contribute to their knowledge and growth.



Energy for Life 2.0

Further development of the concept was done after two years. In Energy for Life 2.0 we tell the story of how NIBE is constantly at the forefront and offering high-class products to the market. The proof that never-ending innovation and thousands of man-hours achieve success.