Länsstyrelsen Halland

Important Message for the Public

In Mecs campaign we created a digital world where a young woman, like in a video game, hears a VMA-warning for different type of dangers in the city. She does everything right and heads indoors to access the information in all available channels. The campaign was nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize in 2016.


VMA is used to quickly reach the general public via text, web, local radio and through a loud warning signal in urban areas. Visit vmahalland.se  »

App - VMA Halland the game

To raise awareness for young people, Mecs has created an app where students gain knowledge in a new way. 

In the game you help the citizens of Warning Valley to find their way indoorsby dragging them to the nearest door. Compete and see which school in Halland is the fastest!

The game is available in App Store and Google Play.