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Länsförsäkringars Fastighetsförmedling

Since their starts in 2006, Länsförsäkringars fastighetsförmedling has established more than 150 real-estate offices in Sweden and has around 590 employees. LFF has in a few years gone from zero to  Sweden’s third biggest real-estate agency. With Länsförsäkringars brand also in banking and insurance their customers are offered a complete real-estate agency. They support their customers throughout the entire affair, from the loan commitment to housing insurance and also help with savings and taxes.

Mecs mission: Since 2001 Mecs has been a partner and has been responsible for the building and development of Länsförsäkringars fastighetsförmedlings web, catering for 150 offices, support and intranet, strategic concepts and tactical communication in all channels.

Production: idea, concept, web, intranet, campaigns, photo, film, fairs and kick-offs.